HP600 Resin System for Plywood

Arclin introduces the next generation of advanced plywood resins — HP600+ Resin System, combining our Fast Cure Resin System and Low Spread Technologies to produce a “super resin” that significantly reduces spread rates and hot press cycle times, all without a corresponding reduction in dryout tolerance.

Nearly a decade ago, Arclin introduced a Fast Cure Resin System technology (FCRS) to the marketplace, speeding hot press cycles times by as much as 15%. The system is able to maintain superior bond quality, providing an economical advantage that meets all PS-1 requirements for plywood. At the same time, our Low Spread Technology (LST) combines our unique PF resin chemistry and an adhesive mix that is formulated to maximize its operating window. LST, too, maintains bond quality at its reduced spread rates.

Now combined in the HP600+ Resin System, today Arclin is able to offer the benefits
of both technologies in one “super resin.” 

Features and Benefits

Arclin’s HP600+ Resin System combines advanced technologies for plywood:

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