NitroGain® Liquid Slow Release Fertilizer


Growers are eligible for payments of up to $10 - $15+/A (can be more based on the county within your state) when implementing enhanced efficiency fertilizers (EEFs) through the USDA’s Conservation Stewardship Program (E590A) – and Arclin’s NitroGain fertilizers qualify for these payments!

Visit the Financial Assistance section on the NRCS-USDA website.

Arclin’s chemical engineers have applied the same binding properties, which make our resins among the best performing in the world, to create liquid slow release fertilizer that meets those same high-performance standards.

NitroGain® Slow Release liquid fertilizer ensures that this vital nutrient stays where the plants can get it — in the soil. That means enhanced growth, greater yields and healthier plants. NitroGain® also minimizes fertilizer run-off into ground and surface water sources, protecting the environment and meeting increasingly stringent regulatory standards in many areas.

Arclin has completed a second year of testing for its NitroGain® Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer

Arclin outperformed competitor products for yield for the second year in a row, and ranked near the top on test weight and low moisture content.

Conducted at the North Carolina State University Vernon James Research Center, these tests demonstrate the efficacy and superior performance of NitroGain SRN on wheat, corn and soybeans.

Field trials with NCSU were conducted in the spring of 2021 utilizing Arclin’s NitroGain 28% and 30% Liquid Slow Release Nitrogen Fertilizer. Wheat, corn and soybeans were trialed against alternative Nitrogen-based fertilizers. Results demonstrate lower application rates while increasing yields and revenue potential.

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To view results from our 2020 trials, and to learn more about how NitroGain works, check out this video.

As Regenerative Agriculture takes root, more agrifood companies are pledging to source grains from their farming partners who leverage cover cropping, rotational grazing, and other regenerative agriculture practices that aim to restore soil health, increase biodiversity, and have the potential to pull carbon out of the air and store it in the ground. One prime example is the agrifood giant Smithfield Foods who announced in 2020 that they will source at least 75% of grain grown in the U.S. from their farming partners who utilize efficient fertilizers. Arclin’s NitroGain qualifies as an efficient fertilizer.

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative technology allows application directly to foliage and blossoms at rates higher than traditional urea — without burning
  • Soil binding properties minimize run-off and leave more nitrogen in the soil to enhance plant growth and protect water sources
  • New technology results in lower application rates while increasing yields, saving money and increasing revenue potential
  • Low salt index
  • Low biuret

Common Applications

  • Turf grass
  • Specialty crops
  • Citrus
  • Grains
  • Wheat

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